Petite Belle Giveaway - Petite Belle

Giveaway & Brand Launches

Our giveaway was very successful! We gained lots of new friends and followers and really starting to see a buzz of enthusiasm around our little shop. Congratulations to Izzy Pugh, hope you enjoy your prize #WhatchaGonnaBuyWhatchaGonnaBuy?? To those of you who didn't win we hope you stay in touch, browse and shop. We do believe our summer collection is worth paying for too ūü§£.¬†

It's so exciting accruing new followers! We've started some cool conversations, and identified some opportunities for collaboration! 

On more exciting news, we have Play Up and Nadadelazos launching soon - Interesting fact: Nadadelazos means "without ribbons" in Spanish. Watch this space to see what we bring to you from these two exciting labels!

Claudine Brown