Launch Day

Well, as we roll into the new year we at Petite Belle are working hard in preparation for "the big launch". So excited and nervous in equal measure! Since having two beautiful kids this is the first time I've sallied forth back into the cut and thrust world of business.

So, where does one start with this sort of thing? A few acknowledgements seem like an appropriate start. Big kudos @__ohmybaby for inspiring me to start on this journey, she's a trooper, and a real friend. Thanks also to Becca who's a fabulous content writer, Caprice from Nature's Kids for being so open and encouraging as we set out on this new venture, and finally to my kids for letting me dress them in some "unusual" fashion choices over the last few years allowing me to develop the styles you see in my shop today. 

Next? Well how about a mission statement? It might be useful to write one here so I can come back to it in years to come to see if I'm still being true to my noble beginnings ... Lol ... So here goes: 

"Kids are allowed to be classy, stylish, sophisticated, ethical, comfortable and practical. We are here to make this a reality." 

Sound like a challenge? Well, have a browse at our collection come 22nd of Jan, and judge it for yourself! .

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