Sunlit Uplands

Funny how adversity brings out the best and the worst of us all.

On the dark side we have panic buyers hoarding food, toilet rolls, and whatever. While pensioners, and the vulnerable are left staring at empty shelves.

On the good side we have our angels of the NHS putting their lives on the line every day to do battle with this horrible virus! Big shout out to them for helping fight the good fight!

And here we sit, somewhere in the middle, trying to do the right thing, wondering what we can do to help, worrying about how long this is going to take, how parents are getting on, what to do with the kids from Friday. The words "keep calm and carry on" ring constantly in our ears.

So, then, that's what we will do! There are a lot of reasons we should be cheerful through this horrible time. Global pollution has fallen significantly, we have the company of our darling children/partners/spouses for the foreseeable future, and for us small businesses, we have our lovely little company to get off the ground. We really can't stress enough how much your love, and support for small businesses like Petite Belle is appreciated. A quick shout out to We Roam Wild, another small business who are big on sustainable clothing. Check them out for their minimalist styles and soft muted tones.  

To quote our favourite musical song "the sun'll come out tomorrow!"... And it will. Stay strong people, this will pass!!!

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