Tick Tock Tick Tock

Well, launch day is in nine days time. Things are really starting to hum along here at Petite Belle. Stock is arriving and being checked, sorted and stored ... A fair bit of stroking is going on amongst all that. I have to admit, some of my pieces are lovely (though I do say so myself). Being new to all of this it's going to be hard to part with all of these sweet little things. Still, I'm sure sharing them with you all will be just as much fun. Especially the lines we're bringing to the UK for the very first time.

Naturally, we're focused on promoting ourselves on the usual platforms (yawn). I'm sure you've all seen the sneak peeks I've been posting on IG/FB from my brands. If not, head over and get a preview now! One unforeseen pleasure is meeting new people and, so far we're getting lots of lovely positive vibes (Yay!). I just hope we live up to your expectations when the store goes live.

Nine days to go!!!! Tick tock tick tock 😊

P/S: How pretty are my flowers? 😍

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